Official service dog Kit


Service Dog Kit Includes Dog Vest,ID Card and Registration Certificate. Complete Kit 129.00 + 12.00 Shipping FREE Embroidery with your dogs name.


Vest Color Chart

We Offer dog vests in a large variety of color options. Check out the latest color swatches below. Remember, you can also personalize your service dog vest with your dog’s name .

Service Dog Vest Colors


Complete Package Contents


1) Official Service Dog Vest

Durable, all-weather nylon dog vest.  Double stitched Velcro straps and prominent “SERVICE DOG” patch embroidered on back of vest to clearly indicate your pooch is a registered Service Dog. See sizing chart to fit your dog. Now available: Custom Embroidery to Personalize your Pet!

2) Identification Badge

Carry this registration badge as proof of your Service Dogs status and avoid potential hassles, questions and problems.  Your Official ID signifies your protection by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and is printed with your legal rights on back side of badge. (Available with lanyard or laminated clip-on holder)

3) Digital ID Card

Use your smartphone as your access with the Service Dog Outfitters “Digital ID” card.  Easily downloaded to any smart phone — this digital duplicate of your ID Badge means you will never be without the proper ID showing your status and protecting your right to take your Service Dog anywhere.

4) Registration Certificate

This beautiful certificate is suitable for framing and can be displayed to ensure others know of your Service Dog and the valuable support they provide.  Just sign and date with your name and your dog’s name and your certificate will be fully valid within the United States of America.

Most Common Question:

Does a Service Dog require professional training to be registered or wear a vest?

No. Although by definition, a Service Dog is trained to perform tasks assisting someone who is disabled, that training can be completed by anyone, anywhere. Training does not need to be facilitated by an expert or professional trainer. Many people have trained their own animals or have been assisted by friends and family, and there are numerous resources to help the home trainer. During the training process your dog has all the rights of a fully trained dog as long and the dog behaves in public.