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Federal Law Information Card

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    Product Description

    Our ADA information card features great information from the U.S. Federal Law regarding your rights when accompanied by your Service Dog. This Federal Card has proven to be a great tool to show those who have not been properly educated about the rights of those accompanied by service animals. It is also helpful to show individuals that your dog is a working dog whether you own a service dog vest or not.

    This is not a Customized Service Dog ID Badge. This card gives a basic short overview of the ADA access. This is NOT a laminated information card. This card is made from high quality 30 mil thick PVC, so you probably don't want to give this card away to store owners and their employees. It is the size of your credit card and is easy to carry in your wallet or pocket book. You can always place it right on your dogs vest for high impact visibility.

    Note: Individuals with Disabilities who are accompanied by Service Dogs have public access rights under the ADA law to enter public property with their Service Dog. Therapy Dogs do not fall under ADA public access rights. A Therapy Dog is one that meets the needs of others, such as visiting nursing homes, hospitals, reading groups, etc. A dog that is trained to perform tasks that mitigate its handler's disability is a Service Dog.

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